Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Banana Bread Trick

Don't throw away those old bananas! I have a trick that will end up saving your family a ton of money...as long as you enjoy banana bread...

*As everyone knows, when your bananas get past the ripeness you like, you make banana bread, right? Well...what if you didn't have the time when the bananas were ready? Here's what you do....freeze them right in the peel. Then, take them out one by one as you need them and let them thaw in a bowl until you're ready for them. When ready, just snip banana at stem with kitchen shears and squeeze banana and juices out into a bowl, you wont even need to chop it up, the freezer kinda turns it into a chunky sauce that is perfect for banana bread. NOTE- DO NOT WORRY, your bananas will look like the ones above, the freezer turns the peels black.

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