Thursday, June 2, 2011

Labeling Fabric Storage Bins

This one was completely free thanks to the WM paint department. I needed to label my son's storage bins so he knew where everything me that this is crucial in my family. I, of course, wanted to spend as little as possible on this. I came up with the idea of using BH&G paint sample cards from WM. They are a nice thickness and already had a circle cut out so somehow I knew they were destined for something more...

I have a lot of projects in mind for these, amazingly enough one of those is to actually pick colors to paint my interior I don't feel bad, I'm just freeloading recycling.

I cut off the parts at both ends that were printed with my handy dandy x-acto knife. I cut the first one and then used it as a template for the rest so that they were the same size. I just hand wrote the contents on each label...oh if only I had my Silhouette...I will remake them and laminate them when I get it...but I digress... I dug and found some black wrapping ribbon and knotted them onto the handle of each fabric bin, tying them snugly. I then cut off the excess ribbon pretty close to the knot so that I could turn the knot to the inside and you'd never see any ends. And....Voila! Here it is, and my son loves it...he even thanked me :)
Now if only it could stay looking just like this...FAT CHANCE!

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Anonymous said...

Found this on a google search- great, easy idea! The other ideas were just way too involved and time consuming. thanks!