Monday, June 20, 2011

Using up old cherry tomatoes-

I hate to waste, so anytime I see produce turning, I find a way to use them up right away. Here are some other examples....for avocadosbananas, and raspberries.

Anyway, this time it was cherry tomatoes going bad when I woke up...

Put your washed and dried cherry
tomatoes into a baking dish with a few 
Tbsp. of olive oil, a few peeled garlic 
cloves and salt and pepper. 
Mix and roast in a 400 degree oven 
until the tomatoes start to 
shrivel up and pop open, 
my oven takes about 15 minutes.

Then you have to help them along a little with your potato masher, on harder chunks it helps to rock the masher back and forth over the product. I learned the hard way to use a deep dish pan so you 
aren't splattered with hot tomato juice.

Keep on smashing until you get a nice, even sauce.

Next fold in cooked pasta, I think that cappellini works best because the sauce gets integrated into the pasta better.

After your tomato mixture and pasta are well blended, top with finely shredded parmesan cheese and adjust the salt and pepper to taste.

And there you have it, a clever way to use up tomatoes that are passing their prime, 
and it only takes about 15 minutes!

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