Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Harvest Wreath

This will probably be my last fall decor post.
(until it's time for Halloween decor)
Unless I come up with another frugal idea...
This one cost me about $8.
Big Spender!

  • Here's the rundown of my materials:
  • rattan style cheapo wreath from Dollar Tree- $1
    • spray painted with Krylon glittery brown spray paint left over from this project- had on hand
  • fall silk leaves from Dollar Tree- $1
  • larger plastic pumpkin from Dollar Tree- $1
  • set of orange pumpkins and gourds from the dollar tree that I ended up not liking the color of with the other pumpkins and spray painted- $1
    • Rustoleum Antique White- on hand
  • 2 sets of cat tail and leaf sprigs for fifty cents each- $1
  • Nicer and larger set of mini pumpkins at Walmart-$2.88.
  • pinecones- free from my yard
  • glue sticks and glue gun- on hand

(perhaps this is not the last fall decor post...I have more pumpkins)

Here are some during the process pictures-

Here is the 
wreath being

Here is the 
ugly pumpkin
and gourd
set being

After everything was nice and dry,
I warmed up my trusty glue gun
and arranged and glued until I liked the way it looked.

Do you like the way it looks?
(Look past that smidgen of pantry...
that IS organized!)

How about a close up of the goods?

Just one more-
in its new official home.
(Until it gets close to Christmas!)


Christina said...

This is such a cute idea!! You always post the best stuff! :)

Beth Partin said...

Thank You!

PitterAndGlink said...

I think this is just beautiful! I love that you used dollar store supplies!