Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beautiful and Frugal Fall Centerpiece

I got to shop at one of my favorite sales this week.
It is hosted four times a year by the senior citizens organization.
There are so many treasures to be had...
and VERY cheap.

I have been looking for a large bowl or wide vase
to fill and change out with the seasons 
to be used as a centerpiece at my kitchen table.

I found exactly what I was looking for.
And my silly self almost walked away 
because of the $3.50 price tag.

Now, that is one cheap lady.
I'm not proud.

But I did snag it after all.
For Halloween, I thought about filling it 
with plastic skulls and a string of lights...

But for now...
I filled it with pinecones from my yard
that I have had "curing" for a few months,
and some silk leaves from the dollar store.

Filled for fall for a grand total of $1.

Are you as overcome with the possibilities as I am?
I am excited to find things to fill it with for each season.

Let's take another look at her.

Just one more...

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