Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Coffee Table Centerpiece for $1

Here is another fall decor post.
This is one anyone can do.
Really, anyone.

I started with this

I actually liked the original color,
but with the nicks and scratches,
I can see why they would get rid of it.
When I saw it at a garage sale for ten cents, I snatched it up. 

Knowing I had the amazing power of spray paint at my fingertips,
I took it home figuring that at some point, 
I would have the inspiring moment of clarity
where I knew what I'd do with it.

That moment of inspiration came when considering fall decor.
I found a set of cute little white pumpkin candles 
at a rummage sale for fifty cents, 
and had some leftover leaves from this project.

Then I went about painting the (platter?).
I couldn't decide between brown and black.
I chose black thinking that I could reuse that more easily 
in other seasons decor than I could with brown.
Holly or garland and a candle at Christmas, 
a votive in a pile of red and silver kisses for Valentine's Day

Of course I forgot to take a picture of the painting process.
You are lucky to have gotten a before picture,
But here is an after...

All that loveliness for less than a dollar.


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