Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Coupon- Part 2 {Where to find coupons}

Hopefully, you caught part one of the series...
If not, check it out here.

Now, you are probably asking...
Where do I find all these coupons?

1. The number one the Sunday newspaper. The number of newspapers I buy depends on the coupons that will be in it. You can find a preview of what coupons will be included here. I usually buy my newspapers at the Dollar Tree because they are only $1 each rather than 1.75 everywhere else. I hear of people who dumpster dive into those paper recycling bins on Monday morning, but unfortunately, we don't have anything like that in my area....or I totally would. Other people go through their neighbors' blue recycling bins at the curb, or have friends and relatives give them their unused coupons. The trick if you are wanting to stockpile is to get get your hands on as many copies of the coupons as possible.

2. At the grocery store...really. They are everywhere. 
  • Manufacturer's coupons- You probably pass by them and dont even realize it. The most common is the kind that are in the form of a notepad with a sticky back, usually on some sort of display, but sometimes just stuck right next to a product. I have found these in produce, on endcaps, in the bakery section, stuck directly on the deli window, up above the meats...and definitely on displays. (They kind of hide them, I think) The next kind is called a peelie....they are a double layered coupon stuck right to the actual product on the coupon. They call it that because you have to peel the top layer off to use. Another kind at the grocery store is the booklet kind. They are usually coupons for products all made by the same company. These are usually found on displays.
  •  In Store Coupons: There are two kinds. First is the kind offered in the weekly ad. The next kind depends on your shopper's card use. Most grocery stores have a shoppers card which is what you are required to have to participate in the sales. They take the info they get from you, like the type of products you use and will periodically send you coupons in the mail for things you already use.
  • Catalina Coupons- These are the coupons that print from the machine at the register. Again, like the kind the store sends you, it takes information from your current shopping trip and gives you like coupons.

3. Online- 
  • Random lists-There are so many online services that offer printable coupons. Below are some links to my favorite reputable online coupon sites, although there are many more.

  • Product Specific-These are usually found on the products' website, but are hit and miss whether they are being currently offered. A good way to keep abreast of them is to follow a few coupon blogs, they will let you know when new coupons are available. I follow them on facebook so that I can get the new deals right in my news feed everyday.
Here are a few of my favorite coupon blogs:

4. In the Mail-
  • Grocery Stores- as explained above in the grocery store section...
  • Complaint/Compliment Coupons- I call them that because that is how you get them. When you call a company to complain about a product, they will usually send you coupons to make up for your issue. The same is true of giving a nice compliment. I have called a company and told them how much I loved their product, but how disappointed I was that I was unable to find coupons for the product.* Lactiad sent me five coupons for free milk this way.

5. E-Coupons- These are coupons you load directly from a website to a shopper's card. I have mixed emotions about these. "Extreme Couponing" on TLC has prompted many coupon policy changes... like this: Kroger has been offering e-coupons on its website, and the policy used to let you stack an e-coupon with a manufacturer's coupon. But not anymore. Thanks, TLC.  Now what happens is if you have an e-coupon for an item, it will come off of your order automatically, then lock out any manufacturer coupons' use. I found this out the hard way when I had .35 off of Bounty as an e-coupon, and $1 off printed coupon...I had planned on saving 1.35, but only got .35 off....Grrrr.

Well, now you know where to find the coupons,
you will just have to come back for the next
part of the series to find out the best ways to use them!

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