Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vintage Barn Siding

Today, I packed my children up and went in search of a barn...
Not just ANY barn, but a specific barn.
This barn we were looking for is supposed to be falling down,
and I have gained permission to pilfer some of it's vintage wood.

Here it is...isn't she a beauty?

That handsome young man there is my son Ethan.
I figured I was just torturing him and using him for free labor 
by making him come along and help me...

BUT, when we left he said, "Mom, that was kind of fun."
Please dont let me die of shock, I thought instantly.

Here are the tools I took with me but as it turned out I only needed the Electric Saw Thingy.
My husband says it is called a Sawz-All. Clever.
It is actually a reciprocating saw. This was my first time using one, it went well too!

I wasn't sure what we were in in for.

I should have taken pictures during the next part, the money shot...
Where I master over machine and split long beautiful boards in half, 
I WISH I could have a shot of that, 
but my only other pair of hands was standing on boards for me.

Needless to say, I got the job done :)

Look what I put my poor kiddos through...

But it was worth it, here is a close up of all the farm fresh deliciousness.


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