Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flower Girl Basket on a Budget

I am helping my friend who is getting married soon.
I  {somehow} have adopted the role of:

wedding planner
major stressor

We are trying to squeeze a big wedding
out of a tiny budget.

Her theme is a forest wonderland,
and her colors are light pink and deep brown.

We needed something for the flower girl to carry.
Traditional flower girl baskets are pretty blah...
So I decided to find one to compliment her decor.

I figured the cheapest way to go was second hand,
so I began my search at my local garage sales.

I soon found this beauty for .25

Once it was washed up it looked pretty good.
My friend liked it okay the way it was...
but I can never leave well enough alone.

I thought it needed a little polish.
Thats kind of the theme of this whole wedding...

Nature with a little sparkle.

I had these materials on hand...
The beige satin is from a baggie full of fabric I paid .25 for.
The ribbon is leftover from this project.

I warmed up my glue gun and placed my satin inside the 
basket to figure out how big to cut it.

I cut around the top edge of the basket,
leaving about an inch of excess fabric.
I then turned the excess fabric inside 
and hot glued it around the lip of the basket.
I "ruffled/pleated" the fabric as needed,
gluing as I went to ensure a secure hold.
Then I tied two simple pink bows on either side...
Ready to see it?

I know it's not perfect, but I 
adore it.

And to top off the cuteness,
it isn't being filled with flower petals...oh, no.

It is being filled with beautiful, pale pink, shimmery,

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