Sunday, August 14, 2011

No time for projects!

Sorry for the lack of blogging,
I have been so busy!

From having a three day garage sale,
which turned into a over a week with prep and clean-up...

And this was only about a third of it...

to ending up with sun poisoning so bad, 
I ended up in the ER.

All while having to be a wife and mother
and squeeze in working a few days a week.

I also have been on a mad dress hunt.
I have been planning my friend's wedding,
and needed an appropriate dress that would compliment her colors.

Here is what I came up with.
What do you think?

So now it is time to get down to it...
I have some projects that need done for the wedding that is in 
three weeks.
Yes...three weeks.

I also need to finalize all the plans and decor.
Lots to do, I haven't been procrastinating...I SWEAR.
I've just been busy.

So come back soon, I should have some new 
projects up by middle of the week.

For now, I am off to Jo-ann's
and tomorrow is housework.

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