Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Guest Book Makeover

I have been helping to plan one of my best friend's weddings.
I am doing all the decor and little details.
I found our guest book at a garage sale in a box of other
wedding stuff for ten bucks. There was also a cake topper,
plastic disposable champagne glasses, and more...
I figured all in all I paid about three dollars for this brand new Martha Stewart guest book still in the original plastic.

Yes, its nice, but that grey ribbon is NOT.
Her colors are pale pink and dark brown, 
so the grey was not going to work.

I figured it wouldn't be too hard to replace the ribbon.
I couldn't find 1" grosgrain ribbon anywhere. Thanks, Martha.
I bet she sells it, but her stuff is overly expensive in my opinion.
So I went home hoping the 3/4" pink satin ribbon 
I already had would somehow work.
I started by cutting the ribbon with my Xacto knife 
where it goes under the protective sheet. 
Then I began to gently pull it off, being careful not to rip the book.
Yeah, right...
I tried not to tear the book.
Martha apparently uses some really good glue.
That poor guest book ripped to shreds...
It was at this point that I crossed my fingers 
and hoped for the best.

Time to try out the never ending roll of ribbon.
*crossing fingers*
This ribbon has also been used here and here.
I laid it out across the giant rip, and....
THANK GOODNESS, it worked.
It just barely covered the rip.

I used fabric glue and a paint brush to smear it onto the rip.
That worked fine until I saw a brown brush bristle under the ribbon.
NOT OK, I switched to Q-tips. Then I smoothed down the ribbon and wrapped it around the edges of the book.

I sure hope that glue dries clear...*more crossing of fingers*

Well, that darn glue DID NOT dry clear.
Well...I will deal with that later.
I need time to figure out what to do.

I attempted to distract myself by making 
something for the picture frame...
I found a perfect piece of brown scrapbook paper
and used pink chalk ink to stencil the monogram.
M is for her name, J is for his,
and the O is for their last name.
Then I cut it out using the piece of paper that had been 
in the frame as a template.

Then, I faced yet another issue...
The photo corners...ugh.
I got out my Xacto knife and used it like a seam ripper.
Then I put my monogrammed paper in...
and got this.
I have ribbon threads showing up on my brown paper!
Now what?

I tried to use my Xacto knife to get them out,
but that did not work.

Then I had a brilliant idea...
I glued a thin strip of pink ribbon around the inside 
of the frame to hide the threads.

Next, I needed to adress the pink ribbon that 
had the glue showing could still see it.
I thought about making a few ribbon and lace
rosettes  to put along the top third of the ribbon...
but as you will see later, I used rosettes elsewhere 
and didn't want to over-do it.

Then I thought I should add another "floating" ribbon.
Meaning, I would just tack it down on the inside of the book 
and let it "float" on top of the other, wider ribbon.
I found a perfect, sheer pink ribbon and layered it on top.
That worked, but I can still see the glue 
through the ribbon a little bit.
Now I am wondering if I should add a bow like the original one.

Then my husband comes in and says he can't even read the monogram...Seriously? Now?

So, I took his advice and hand painted with pink paint right
over top of the chalk...

Are you ready to see the before and after?


and....wait for it,
wait for it...

I am pretty pleased with the results too!

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