Monday, August 1, 2011

Bargain Ring Bearer Pillow

We still needed a ring bearer pillow 
for a wedding that's in a month....yeah, 30 days from now.
I found this for $2 at the Salvation Army.
Oh, and this was after I cut off the unsightly plastic "rings".
I could not figure out what all these ribbons were for...
So... I cut 'em off. Hehehe.
See? Isn't that better?'s still a little lot plain, what to do with it now?

Next, I hunted for some pink ribbon.
I wanted something a little fancy.
I soon found something and decided to sew it in the middle, 
going all the way through to give it a "tufted" look.
I hand-sewed it...yes, I love her.
Then I tied it in a pretty bow and.....
Here she is!
All of that cuteness for a mere $2.

She will go so nicely with the flower girl basket I "made".
You can see that project here.

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wedding projects here or here.

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