Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scrap Paper Roses

This project is super easy.
All you need is some scraps of paper and scissors.

Start by cutting out a round "cloud" shape.
Like these:

Then, cut a scalloped edged spiral all the way to the center of your paper...Like this:

Next, starting from the outside edge,
begin rolling the paper up very tightly.
I used a safety pin. The curves you've cut 
into your shape will contour nicely into a beautiful little rose.
Stop rolling when you get to the center of your shape.
The last little part from the center of your "cloud"
will flatten nicely into the outside of your flower.
If you like, now would be a good time to add a spot of glue.

When you stop rolling, your rose should stay together.
If you want your flower to open more, press lightly on the center.

NOTE: Make sure you cut your layers about the same size
or it will not stay together.

When you are done this is what they should look like:

I love much I had to take more pictures...

Now...what should I do with these little beauties?

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