Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hair Bow Organization-

I was sick of walking into my daughter's room and finding this...

For some reason, my daughter likes to dump out all of her hair stuff onto the floor and play with them.

I have seen cute little bow hangers at various stores, but the really cute and durable ones run something like twenty dollars!!!

Not if I can make it for a lot cheaper!

So I decided to make one for my own....Unfortunately, I didn't remember to take pictures during the process. :(

I started by buying a 97 cent wooden oval from WM, a can of pink spray paint and three spools of coordinating ribbons...the materials cost me about 12 dollars...BUT I only used a small portion of the ribbons and spray paint, so I have those for another project....or two.

I spray painted my wooden oval and once it was dry, decoupaged a pretty piece of scrapbook paper onto the front. I had some glittered cardstock letters on hand and decoupaged them on top of the scrapbook paper and let it all dry for a couple hours. When I went back to it, it was dry and ready to go...I then nailed a hanger onto the back and started cutting my ribbons. I cut one strip of the wide ribbon and two each of the other two types of ribbon, then arranged them and hot glued them onto the back of the wooden oval...are you ready to see it? Please look past my yucky old wallpaper...

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