Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bathroom Scale Makeover

I cleaned and scrubbed my bathroom this morning.
As I was putting everything back, I considered throwing away my hubby's scale....shhhh.
I dont use it, it is insanely ugly and beat up, but I know he wouldn't be happy if I got rid of it.

With no money to buy a new one, which I would have preferred, 
I decided it was time to give this thing a facelift.

Here is what I started with:

Yuck, huh?
Actually, this is AFTER I cleaned and 
scrubbed it into oblivion...

And wrestling that sticky foot pad thingy
off was a chore...

It was rusty and gross...

Next, I decided what it needed was a
good coat of spray paint, my bathroom
rugs are black so I figured
a black base would be perfect.
Of course, I taped up the dial 
so I didn't get paint on it.

Then I painted it...
I got the edges and around the dial
really well but left the inside unpainted 
because I was going to put a piece of 
scrapbook paper on it anyway.

While my paint was drying, I picked out
my paper. I realize that it is probably
not a lifelong surface, but I will clear
coat it and when it wears out,
can hopefully just buy a new one...
I would say, "Hubby, I recycled
this once already, lets just get a
nice new one." and he'd agree.
ANYWAY, I picked this pretty
 blue and green because I am
painting my bathroom green
and its pretty dark so I
am hoping it wont show dirt.

After applying my old foot thingy to a sheet of paper (it was super sticky) and cutting it out, I had a template and cut my scrapbook paper with it.

It took a couple of "shaves" to get the hole
around the dial right...once I did,
I placed my paper on the scale to 
see how I liked it....

I like it...
Its not right yet.

Those corners have got to go.

So off they came,
I used a rounded corner punch.

First, I glued her down...
Then I put a thick coat of
Mod Podge on top.
Don't worry...
it will dry clear.

Take care to smooth out any
bubbles and rub the edges down
to get a good, secure seal.

Then, let it dry...for a while, like hours...sigh. 
I hate waiting, I am so impatient.

After watching the clock for an hour, I spray painted a clear coat on top of the scale
and once it was dry, I stood back and admired what was once an UGLY, rusty mess.


Anonymous said...

That's Awesome, Not only because of the nice 'new' scale, but this blog. Who new? Good for you! Joe

Kelli@MoreBangforYourBucks said...

That is such an awesome idea! I might just have to copy it! :)