Sunday, June 19, 2011

Outsmarting my Hubby-Homemade Sorbet

I am on a mission to use every small appliance in my pantry soon so that my husband doesn't have an excuse to get rid of anything.

One day last week, I woke up to this...

raspberries going bad. Ugh.

I saw it as a perfect excuse to use
my ice cream/sorbet maker that usually sits
and collects dust..

For the full recipe, go here.


Start by pureeing the berries in your food processor.

(Lucky me, I got to use two appliances for this project)

Next, you need to separate the seeds from the pulp.     I used a fine mesh screen, but if I had been thinking, I would have used the long forgotten food mill I just found while cleaning out the pantry,
having successfully used THREE items for
one project...

Then, boil your sugar and water, essentially making a simple syrup just like in my coffee syrup tutorial, over here.

Um....yeah, STILL too hot.
 Next is the part I have the most trouble with.
PATIENCE! The syrup has to cool to room 
temperature, and I am SO impatient that I 
had to watch the temperature go down.

I eventually left the room and started 
another project so when I came back to it, the syrup 
was exactly where I needed it to be...

After the syrup has cooled, mix the berry puree and 
syrup mixture together adding the corn syrup and 
blending well. Then, put that mixture into your ice 
cream machine and turn it on.

NOTE: your ice cream frozen sleeve insert thingy
must be frozen SOLID for this to work...
no freezing it for a few hours and thinking it will be OK. 

No, none of that, it must be frozen absolutely solid.

Oh, and dont forget the paddle arm, like I did...ha!

you will get frothy, then slushy, then frozen sorbet....oh and if you are wondering why there are seeds after I removed them....I added some back in, and some chopped raspberries because I wanted more texture. I havent decided if that was a good idea or not, all I know is that it turned out DELICIOUS!

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