Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tin Can Organization

This was what I started with.
We recycle. We feel an obligation to our earth to find ways to reuse things that would otherwise end up in a landfill. SOMETIMES my creative mind allows me to find ways to reuse items before they get sent to the recycling center. This was one of those times.

I wanted something to store my little girl's combs and hairbrush in, but of course didn't want to spend much money.

I had all of the materials on hand:
-2 tin cans
-gluing up my paper and painted cans

-spray paint (Sweet Pea by American Accents)
-scrapbook paper
-mod podge decoupaging glue

I started by picking out a couple of tin cans from the recycling bin. Then I scrubbed them up and let them dry before spray painting them. Once the paint was completely dry, I found some scrapbook paper that would look cute in her room and decoupaged them.

Decoupaging is as easy as gluing but it does take some practice to get professional-ish results. The glue goes on white but dries clear.  I also finish each item by putting on a final layer of mod podge over the entire surface to help 
-gluing the paper on
seal it. If you want a professional wipeable surface, finish 
with a polyurethane sealer. I find on items with texture, 
like this can, it works best to smooth the paper and glue down to the textured surface with your fingers. In hindsight (always), I would have used a darker paper because I somehow got it a little dirty distressed when using my fingers.

Also in hindsight, I probably will check to be sure that I put the paper on IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Two people watching me and a whole project later, I realized the paper was on 
sideways. Ugh. Live and learn, I guess. Thank 
goodness my daughter can't read yet anyway.
Here it is in where are those combs?

After it dried, I put it into place and I think it looks 
pretty darn cute...and just in case you are wondering, yes I bought my one year old a jewelry 
holder and she only owns one pair of earrings.  I 
couldn't wait to have a little girl so I may go on 
girly overboard at times, don't hate on me for it.

I made two though...

So then I thought, what else can these be used for? Well, now I need to make a lot more because I am going to store the kids big pieces of chalk to take outside in one, crayons in another and a couple for my paintbrushes. I also have another idea but I am not going to reveal it right now....

So stay tuned for that exciting is a 
really cool idea, so make sure you come back to 
check it out.

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