Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Day I Saved 90% at Wal-Mart

WOW is all I can say. My local Wal-Mart in Celina Ohio just did a major remodel and for some reason, downsized their craft section...

So some super items at outrageous prices made it into clearance...and probably right before I got there judging by the insane amount of awesomeness that was there.

I went nuts...

These frames came in a pack of six...
2 8x10's and 4  4x6's in each pkg...for $2
That's right 12 brand new frames for $4...LOL

Regular price unknown but was compared to items priced at about $15 or more per set.

These paint rollers were originally:
12.97 for the large ones- I paid 3
5.97  for the small ones- I paid 2
The drop cloths were orig $6, 
but I paid 1.25 each

Next up is a bead spinner for $2...orig $20.
A electronic bubble blower for weddings,
originally $30, I got it for $3.
Also a Crayola 3D sidewalk paint kit,
orig 14.97, paid $3.

And these are t-shirt embellishment kits, each kit has over 100 pieces in it and cost $10...
I got these for....
.25 each.
Yes, a quarter.

SO, if you've been doing your math...that is a total of $236 worth of merchandise for a mere $22.25.
That is a savings of 90%.
Yippie for THAT sale day!

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