Thursday, June 9, 2011


In fact, no more chicken patties, chicken "fries" or any other over processed chicken product. Not for me or anyone I love. Why, you ask? Enter..."mechanically-separated chicken".

Mechanical separation of meat is a process developed to pick every bit of usable "meat" from the carcasses of the birds. This includes everything from brains to eyeballs. They squish everything but bones through a fine mesh screen, filling it with nasty bacteria. To kill the bacteria they have to soak the "meat" in AMMONIA. Then they have to change the ghastly color and add 
flavorings because of course it has 
to taste absolutely disgusting. 


Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it-

The practice of mechanically harvesting meat that would otherwise be unusable dates back to the 1950s, when mechanical hand tools were developed to help remove these scraps and minimize waste. By the 1960s, machines were developed that did this more efficiently and automatically. This allowed companies to use these less expensive raw materials and, in turn, offer these products to the public for a lower price. During the 70s these techniques were slowly starting to be more in common in other parts of the world as well. Not only poultry slaughterhouses have been applying these techniques, also newcomers entered the market as they saw the enormous possibility that lay before them, concerning the transformation of low-valued poultry items into good quality raw materials for further processing. In Europe, Polskamp Meat Industry is seen as one of the pioneers in this type of industry and current market leader. Their success lies in the fact that they were one of the first companies able to provide added value to items that otherwise would have been considered as waste to poultry slaughterhouses. Furthermore, mechanically separated meat from Europe can be seen as a product with a rich history in terms of export. Because of their relatively low value combined with high quality and high European standards, it has always been a product perfectly suitable for export to other parts of the world. Especially Eastern European countries are known for their import of frozen chicken MSM. 

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